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A cooling sea breeze in the Tropics. The strong SE wind which blows on the south African coast. Elephanta A strong southerly or southeasterly wind which blows on the Malabar coast of India during the months of September and October and marks the end of the southwest monsoon. Etesian A refreshing northerly summer wind of the Mediterranean, especially over the Aegean Sea. Euros The Greek name for the rainy, stormy southeast wind.

Interactive map of wind farms in the United States

Foehn A warm dry wind on the lee side of a mountain range, whose temperature is increased as the wind descends down the slope. It is created when air flows downhill from a high elevation, raising the temperature by adiabatic compression. Examples include the Chinook wind and the Santa Ana wind. Classified as a katabatic wind. Fremantle Doctor A cooling seabreeze in Western Australia,often made note of during hot summer-time cricket matches. Ian Staples, Australia. Gregale A strong northeast wind of the central Mediterranean. The name come from the Arabic word, "habb", meaning wind.

Bill Mork, California State Climatologist. The word is believed to originate from the Caribbean Indian storm god "Huracan". See also Typhoon and Cyclone.

Walkin' in the Wind: People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway

Knik Wind A strong southeast wind in the vicinity of Palmer, Alaska, most frequent in the winter. Kona Storm A storm over the Hawaiian Islands, characterized by strong southerly or southwesterly winds and heavy rains. Leste A hot, dry, easterly wind of the Madeira and Canary Islands. Levanter A strong easterly wind of the Mediterranean, especially in the Strait of Gibraltar, attended by cloudy, foggy, and sometimes rainy weather especially in winter.

Levantera A persistent east wind of the Adriatic, usually accompanied by cloudy weather.

Levanto A hot southeasterly wind which blows over the Canary Islands. Leveche A warm wind in Spain, either a foehn or a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara Desert. Maestro A northwesterly wind with fine weather which blows, especially in summer, in the Adriatic.

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It is most frequent on the western shore. This wind is also found on the coasts of Corsica and Sardinia. Matanuska Wind A strong, gusty, northeast wind which occasionally occurs during the winter in the vicinity of Palmer, Alaska. Mistral A cold, dry wind blowing from the north over the northwest coast of the Mediterranean Sea, particularly over the Gulf of Lions. Nashi, N'aschi A northeast wind which occurs in winter on the Iranian coast of the Persian Gulf, especially near the entrance to the gulf, and also on the Makran coast.

It is probably associated with an outflow from the central Asiatic anticyclone which extends over the high land of Iran. It is similar in character but less severe than the BORA. Norte A strong cold northeasterly wind which blows in Mexico and on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. It results from an outbreak of cold air from the north. It is the Mexican extension of a norther.

Also called Northeaster.


Glossary of Weather and Climate. Nor'wester This is a very warm wind which can blow for days on end in the province of Canterbury New Zealand. The effect is especially felt in the city of Christchurch. The wind comes in from the Tasman Sea, drys as it rises over the Southern Alps, heats as it decends, crosses the Canterbury Plains, then blows through Christchurch.. Kerry Fitzpatrick.

Norther A cold strong northerly wind in the Southern Plains of the United States, especially in Texas, which results in a drastic drop in air temperatures. Also called a Blue Norther. Ostria A warm southerly wind on the Bulgarian coast; considered a precursor of bad weather. This wind often violently picks up during the passage of a cold front of an active low passing by. It consists of the cold air mass of a norte which has overridden the mountains of Central America. Shamal A summer northwesterly wind blowing over Iraq and the Persian Gulf, often strong during the day, but decreasing at night.

Sharki A southeasterly wind which sometimes blows in the Persian Gulf. Sirocco A warm wind of the Mediterranean area, either a foehn or a hot southerly wind in advance of a low pressure area moving from the Sahara or Arabian deserts. Squamish A strong and often violent wind occurring in many of the fjords of British Columbia. Squamishes occur in those fjords oriented in a northeast-southwest or east-west direction where cold polar air can be funneled westward. Squamishes lose their strength when free of the confining fjords and are not noticeable 15 to 20 miles offshore.

Suestado A storm with southeast gales, caused by intense cyclonic activity off the coasts of Argentina and Uruguay, which affects the southern part of the coast of Brazil in the winter.

High Winds Boost Risk of Spreading Southern California Fire | Voice of America - English

Sumatra A squall with violent thunder, lightning, and rain, which blows at night in the Malacca Straits, especially during the southwest monsoon. It is intensified by strong mountain breezes. Sundowner Warm downslope winds that periodically occur along a short segment of the Southern California coast in the vicinity of Santa Barbara.

The name refers to their typical onset on the populated coastal plain in the late afternoon or early evening, though they can occur at any time of the day. In extreme cases, wind speeds can be of gale force or higher, and temperatures over the coastal plain and even at the coast itself can rise significantly above The turbines can be filtered by height, blade length, and generating capacity.

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The map also includes a layer showing federal lands, colored according to the jurisdictions of each federal land management agency. The map data are freely available to download in a variety of formats for a variety of purposes: GIS files, Google Earth overlays. Skip to main content. PDF version. Click here to access the interactive map. Source: U.

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