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Get Free Pdf Swept Up. Get Free Pdf Switch. Get Free Pdf Table-Talk. Team Building Activities for Groups Volume 1. Read Online Sophie's Snail. Read Online Southside of Heaven. Read Online Spy Games. Despite playing in the same violent waters, Miami Jones stands alone, a different sort of breed. He has a girlfriend and their relationship is, more or less, thriving. The fact that she has a difficult job and yet she finds the time to maintain her beauty drives Miami Jones to exercise and eat healthily.

For the most part, Miami can get by in his field because he is more intelligent than most of the people around him. However, even when things get tough, the detective is rarely without a plan or a solution and that is primarily because Miami Jones has a massive network of friends, acquaintances, and connections. Miami seems to know everyone that matters in Florida.

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And even the tough ones have hearts of gold underneath it all. When Miami calls, they come through for him.

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  • This makes him a far more effective operative than any police department in the state. And fortunately for everyone, Miami uses his connections for good.

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    • Danielle has a boyfriend by the names of Lucas who manages a Marina, though he finds the time to help Miami Jones when it counts. The Miami Jones Florida Mystery series has been commended for its gritty, sharp and humorous dialogue. The books are told in the first person from the perspective of Miami Jones.

      Order of A.J. Stewart Books

      Stewart has been accused of being a little vague with some of his descriptions. Some readers struggle to keep up with the changes in location, especially when scenes suddenly shift.

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      On the other hand, Stewart has been praised for vividly bringing Florida to life with his description of all the sights, sounds and smells. Stewart began his career writing marketing copy for big companies. He also worked in the tech industry for a while, primarily writing for startups. Stewart was always a storyteller. It is where his passion lay and he knew it. But he decided to quell his storytelling dreams in favor of making a living.

      Stewart has had the opportunity to live all over the world. However, his heart has always been in Florida. That is where he always returns to. High Lie Miami Jones knows that South Florida has its fair share of sharks, and not all of them live in the ocean.

      When a young boy is dumped in the water off the coast, Miami goes looking for answers. What he finds is a world of crooked bookmakers, slick Las Vegas Casino moguls and a desperate band of brothers playing a forgotten sport. Forgotten by everyone except the person who wants the players dead. Dead Fast To most people Jamaica is sun, sea and rum drinks by the pool. After witnessing an assault on a young man in Montego Bay, Miami and Danielle are hired to protect a young athlete with Olympic dreams. But there are lots of athletes with those dreams, and not all of them play by the rules.

      Miami and Danielle find themselves up against corrupt officials, athlete managers with a kit-bag full of dirty tricks, and a local police force that might be in it up to their necks.