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Radio 3's Haydn season launches on 31 May with a special day devoted to live performances of his music from across Europe. Other highlights of the Radio 3 Haydn season include a programme presented by Sir Robert Winston which tells the gruesome tale of how Haydn's head was taken from his grave in order that the secret of his genius be discovered 10 July, The Essay and a special edition of Music Matters 6 June in which presenter Tom Service talks to conductor Sir Colin Davis , pianist Alfred Brendel, and other musicians about what Haydn means to them.

There will also be a special Haydn mini-drama and throughout the season there will be a wealth of musical riches to enjoy, including:. Go to the Radio 3 Composers of the Year site — bbc. The day starts and ends in Esterhazy, where Haydn was based for such a long and fruitful period of his life, and where his long association with the Esterhazy Court, firstly as vice-Kappellmeister and later as Kapellmeister, was to inspire an astonishing body of work.

It takes in Paris, Oxford where he was given an Honorary Doctorate , London a performance given by Florilegium of two of his London Symphonies in arrangements by his London patron Salomon and, of course, Vienna from where we will hear a concert featuring one of his greatest masses — Missa in Tempori Belli with the Concentus Musikus Vienna conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt.

Throughout the day we will be hearing about different facets of Haydn from commentators and performers including Richard Wigmore whose recent Haydn biography has been highly praised , Sir Roger Norrington, Sir Colin Davis and Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Presenter: Andrew MacGregor. In order to help to dispel the ignorance and misunderstanding that McCabe refers to and which his own recordings of the sonatas have helped to change at least a little the programme will be including a wide variety of performers and performing styles. As well as sampling the half-dozen "complete recordings" there will be performances by great and very different pianists who play the Haydn sonatas on a modern grand piano — such as Alfred Brendel, Glenn Gould and Emanuel Ax — and those who have explored the works on historic instruments.

The sound of the harpsichord, fortepiano and even clavichord will feature over the seven weeks of programmes. Let's hope that afterwards there'll be a little less ignorance and misunderstandings! The complete Haydn Symphonies in Classical Collection on Wednesdays and Fridays throughout During the whole of , starting in January, Classical Collection is presenting a complete cycle of the Haydn Symphonies in great performances from across the whole spectrum of recordings, from Toscanini, Furtwangler and Beecham, to the very latest scholarly thoughts from the likes of Harnoncourt, Hogwood, Adam Fisher and Trevor Pinnock.

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And, of course, not forgetting the pioneering set conducted by Antal Dorati, nor the genial prize-winning performances by Colin Davis. And, dotted across the year, the BBC's own orchestras will be performing a number of these symphonies live at The Michelangelo Quartet perform two of Haydn's best-known quartets, the Razor and the Sunrise, and the Vienna Piano Trio have two concerts of Haydn trios, written when the piano was becoming an increasingly popular instrument in the home. There is also the intimate Haydn, with a programme performed on the fortepiano by Andreas Staier who draws an astonishing range of tone colours from a typical instrument of the composer's time.

From its humble beginnings Haydn developed this form into one of the most expressive, intimate and profound of all musical genres, and was the direct inspiration of the great quartets of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert.

Guiding us through these extraordinary and varied masterpieces are Peter Cropper, former leader of the Lindsay Quartet, who performed all of Haydn's quartets, and viola player Simon Rowland-Jones, former member of the Chilingirian Quartet and currently editor of the new edition of the complete Haydn Quartets. Haydn in Performance On 3, July , 7. Salomon London Wigmore Hall.

Haydn: Piano Trios Chamber Chaconne

On the Saturday, Lucie talks to Michael Brussing of The Esterhazy Ensemble and is given a brief history and masterclass on the baryton, an instrument for which Haydn wrote so much music. On the Sunday, Lucie visits Wolfgang Wechselbaumer at his workshop in Vienna, and is given a demonstration on the lira organizzata, which Herr Wechselbaumer reconstructed for the recent recording of Haydn's concertos for that unusual instrument.

He was no longer strong enough to compose. He just played his setting of the hymn to the Kaiser over and over again. Just after his 77th birthday, Austria declared war on France for a second time. Haydn was distraught. His little home at Gumpendorf, often described by visitors as a peaceful retreat, was caught in crossfire. A cannonball fell in his courtyard and blew his bedroom door open.

Napoleon, aware that the great Haydn was frail, ordered a guard of honour be stationed at his house. On 24 May , Haydn received his last visitor — a French officer from the Hussars paid his respects and the two men started a conversation about Haydn's work. Haydn, whose spirits were at rock bottom, rediscovered for the last time the impact his music had had. The officer sang for him and Haydn exclaimed that he could not recall any song having given him so much real pleasure. The officer rode off to rejoin his regiment, probably to die in battle.

His singing was the last music Haydn ever heard. The Essay, July , His first and last completed works were mass-settings. He lived at a time of religious turmoil as the church was faced by the world of the Enlightenment.


Dr David Stancliffe, Bishop of Salisbury and a practising musician, examines how Haydn's faith affected his approach to life and music. Haydn And Unusual Musical Instruments As a court employee Haydn was asked to write music for a wide variety of instruments — some of them obscure to us.

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Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy played the baryton a sort of viola da gamba with extra strings plucked by the left-hand thumb , so Haydn wrote for it. The King of Naples played the lira organizzata a combined hurdy gurdy and chamber organ , so Haydn wrote for it too. Even the famous Trumpet Concerto was originally composed for the new-fangled keyed trumpet.

David Owen Norris explores the world of Haydn as court composer and discovers more about both the music and the instruments.

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Haydn And Humour Haydn's music is famously riddled with jokes — from rude bassoon notes, comic retunings and surprise endings to delight his audience, to more subtle in-jokes and compositional horseplay to amuse his fellow professionals. Writer and broadcaster Stephen Johnson celebrates one of the composer's most familiar and endearing characteristics, and examines the factors that led him to debunk his own music over and again.

Herschel had discovered Uranus and framed important theories about the formation of galaxies, yet within a few years Haydn was composing his oratorio The Creation, apparently an unquestioning account of the world's origins as given in Genesis. But did Herschel's ideas influence Haydn? Biographer Richard Holmes investigates. Haydn's Head In one of the great musical minds in history died amidst the distant sounds of war in Austria, a man whose reputation in his time was proclaimed as genius, and whose legacy continued through many of his notable students, including Beethoven.

Among his friends were counted esteemed members of society. Events Reviews Articles. By David Truslove , 06 May Vienna Piano Trio. See full listing. Haydn , Piano Trio no. Ravel , Piano Trio in A minor. Brahms , Piano Trio no. Kevin John Edusei steps in to conduct the first concert in the series, and does a great job. Read reviews of.

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  • Related articles. More by David Truslove. Sol Gabetta shines in Shostakovich with the Philharmonia Orchestra. Prom Royal assortment from the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment. David Truslove. David Truslove is a choral specialist with extensive singing and conducting experience drawn from 19 years as a lay clerk at Winchester Cathedral and many years as a choral conductor. His portfolio work now includes part-time teaching, church organ playing and writing programme notes. He has music degrees from Cardiff and Southampton universities.