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Yes, our piece of Mars was a uniform dark gray, and it was about 10 mm square and 2 mm — 3 mm thick. It was sliced from the Allen Hills Meteorite found in Antarctica that contained bubbles of trapped Martian air. Jack Horkheimer—and Art Smith, the curator of the planetarium—knew a lot of people in NASA, industry, and academe, and this enabled them to obtain things that otherwise might have been very difficult if not impossible to get.

On the picture there was a bright spot in the center of the large crater which is now named Stickney the maiden surname of Angeline Hall, the professor, mathematician, abolitionist, and suffragist wife of the astronomer Asaph Hall, who discovered both Martian moons at the U. Having had no luck in finding Martian satellites, he was about to give up, but she insisted that he keep looking; thanks to her urging, he discovered Deimos, and soon afterward—while watching and waiting for it—he found Phobos which he at first thought was two or three inner moons, since it would appear on both sides of Mars during the same night—he was very astonished to find that its orbital period was only about a third of a Martian day.

Ninety-four years later:. Sagan and Veverka gaped at the Mariner 9 image of Phobos, and particularly at the anomalous bright spot in the center of the dark, shadowed crater Stickney. It looked to Sagan as if they were seeing a star through an enormous hole through Phobos, or—even more haunting—that they were looking at an artificial light! But when they instructed the computer to remove all single-bit errors, the bright spot went away. The proper scientific attitude lies on the gray path between these two extremes:. Mind baffling. The same space agency thought the Mercury astronauts would not need windows because, hey, why would they want to look outside in Earth orbit?

This is why I should be even less surprised at all those folks who were against the Pioneer Plaques and Voyager Records. And much more recently, they did not want to put a camera on Juno because it was not part of the main mission. I really hope NASA has learned its lesson here, half a century later. The ability for self repair, possible compared to what our skin does when cut. The whole object can change and become a huge AI or a quantum entanglement teleportation telescope. The whole structure could be like a hologram so that if a large part of it is destroyed it could rebuild itself, like a lizard regrows a tail.

It may even take material it encounters to energize or add parts as needed since it was at the Local Standard of Rest LSR. And of course for the more advanced luxury model would transport spacecraft or relay the close up 3d movies of the planets its AI brain finds interesting. So all that flashing and changing brightness could be like the reporters trying to get a good close image of the politician on his soapbox. Quantum DNA.

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Macvey described searching for abandoned deliberately or otherwise ships, probes, instrument packages, and exploration equipment that ancient interstellar expeditions to our Solar System might have lost, or left behind here. Of these, he wrote that any alien artifacts in hyperbolic orbits around the Sun would be, not surprisingly, impossible to find or so nearly so that the difference would be utterly negligible, because if they whipped around the Sun long ago, they would be extremely distant today. Quantum entanglement does not lead to or allow teleportation, no matter, energy or information can be tranferred through it.

What it does is let you infer some information about the other, distant particle.

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First, I do not agree with the conclusions of the Mamajek paper. Hein et al. The orbital geometries are against us — Jupiter and Saturn are in the right places to help with solar Oberth maneuvers only if we launch relatively fast by the early s , which we are not in a position to do without a really major crash effort. Piotr A. The probable reasons for missing this possible important event is discussed and a call for searching potential additional observations in various archives is proposed. Cite as: arXiv EP] or arXiv EP] for this version.

In , which would seem to be the most reasonable and earliest time that a launch could be performed the velocity required is already a of the order of 40 miles per second! Hypothesis: the reddish organic crust that develops on comets can polymerize and remain after volatiles are depleted. It should have a high albedo or the spectra should indicate a metal composition if is was part of a light sail.

I had a good feeling about this the first time I read about it, and now my gut gives me the same tingling sensation again. But I have the imagination of a child so who am I to guess about this phenomenon..

Unless you actually worship them, aliens are not a belief system. They have a scientific plausibility for existing in reality. I do not get what you are talking about. I want to believe that we are not alone in the galaxy, and I hope that during my life time we will find the first evidence of an extraterrestrial civilisation. What you read in between the lines will have to stand for you. People often say they either believe or do not believe in aliens, the same way they say they believe in angels, ghosts, and the Loch Ness Monster.

The difference is that aliens are scientifically plausible, meaning they can be proven by the tenants of science. I just have an issue with the term belief in this context, as it implies the supernatural and the worship of such beings. However, I am waiting for proof via science to know for certain.

Modern science does not have proves that there is any life elsewhere outside the planet Earth… Meanwhile we have not found any evidence.

So meanwhile — it is belifs only. Me too believe that there should be extraterrstrial life somewhere outside our planet, but in same time I am realizing very well , that there is no any facts that can prove my beliefs…. Modern science does not have answer what is the life and what are all critical factors that turn the chemical matter to live organism. I suppose probability that Earth life is alone in whole Galaxy or Even Universe is same order as probability that life is wide spread.

What role did Jenn, astrophysicist and Universe Sandbox ² developer, play in the discovery?

May be panspermia will start from our own planet — with Homo Sapience Space expansion and life in our Galaxy will became widespread, after our expansion. I am merely grateful that not every human is a soulless automaton with a mind that cannot get past its programming. Did anyone observe it with radar? I know little about the technique except it seems to provide rather good images when optical telescopes are too weak. Maybe the space monsters were testing to see if we had radar… nevermind.

I was wondering that, too.

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Just wondering if a positive electrostatic charge has built up on the rock by its long interstellar journey and solar photon generation that is creating an electrostatic sail effect. I have similar suspicion :- Suppose this explanation significantly closer to reality than interstellar solar sails. I this version seams to be plausible too, even more than electric charge.

Slide deck that incorporates all observations up to that point and covers the issues of what it is and where it came from. Seems to suggest a depleted comet. Anything for Dr. Fermi, construed with the most meager of plausibility. Do you mean the Drake Equation? Because Dr. Fermi is long gone, so he probably could not care less. With Kepler showing that almost every star has a collection of planets, that is a lot of systems to explore and colonize. Plus what would make ours stand out among so many others?

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  8. I believe T. R Bosley, III is saying that proof of someone else whatever meager evidence would answer where are they! I understand. It would be nice if we had earlier warning of Oumuamua and a probe to send to it. Dear Paul, Thank you very much for another great blog article!

    Andreas M. Hein, Nikolaos Perakis, T. Good to hear from you, Andreas. Since we will not have a light sail starcraft for decades am I the only one who is bothered by all the issues involved with the making of a megalaser — and not just technical ones? For that matter, how would and might a light sail interfere with astronomical observations, if at all?

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    Even solar sails could degrade if not outright ruin astronomical observations with their optical and even radio reflections, at the appropriate angles. Since our various superpower nations have decided to start ramping up nuclear weapons production again, I have even less confidence that a megalaser will be built purely for scientific reasons, and as the means to push a light sail even more so. History and current events have shown that nothing that is or can be turned into a weapon gets funded first as anything other than a means to threaten and kill others.

    Yet I see people in this blog and elsewhere talking about the megalaser as if it will be a done deal in the next few decades and with no consequences along the way. Vaporizing satellites would be one obvious use.