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Von Georgiana Hatara , 17 November Von Ako Imamura , 17 November Von David Larkin , 17 November Having offered a strong feminist reading of Wagner's Ring , could Kasper Holten do the same again for Die Meistersinger? Opera Australia's co-production had moments of excellence, but ultimately left the viewer with more questions than answers.

Von Laurence Vittes , 17 November Susan Graham had all the fun every mezzo-soprano witch, who can sing the role and disguise herself — when necessary — to look the part, deserves. Von Mark Valencia , 16 November Von Renato Verga , 15 November Von Laura Servidei , 15 November Von Manuel Gaulhiac , 15 November Von Mark Pullinger , 15 November An impressively cast revival for Verdi's one-time neglected masterpiece at Covent Garden.

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London By Jove! A terrific Semele at the Royal Academy of Music.

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Von Matthew Rye , 14 November Von Robert Levine , 12 November Berlin Written on Skin : A modern operatic classic makes Berlin debut. Von Sam Johnstone , 12 November Von Nicolas Nguyen , 10 November Von Cristina Burack , 10 November Von Susan Gould , 08 November Von Sarah Batschelet , 08 November If ever a new production of a Mozart opera had a riveting backstory, this one is it.

Von Patricia Maunder , 07 November Amsterdam A dystopian police state for Reisopera's new Tosca. Von Nicolas Nguyen , 06 November A fine cast convinces in Dutch Reisopera's new Tosca , staged in a dystopian police state. Von Stephen Pritchard , 03 November Von Thomas Muller , 03 November Von Renato Verga , 03 November An elephant in the room: Graham Vick's new Figaro opens in Rome. Von Lorenzo Fiorito , 02 November Despite some minor flaws, a well appreciated performance of Bellini's masterpiece. Von Ako Imamura , 02 November Von Alexandra Desvignes , 01 November Von Vishnu Bachani , 01 November Powerful and evocative imagery, both literal and implied, lingered on beyond the drop of the curtain.

Von Edward Sava-Segal , 30 Oktober The music, a combination of Italian-sounding melodies, German instrumentation and Hugarian dotted rhythms, was remarkably captivating. Venus and the Venusberg disappear. The shepherd sings an ode to the pagan goddess Holda , "Frau Holda kam aus dem Berg hervor" Lady Holda, come forth from the hill. A hymn "Zu dir wall ich, mein Jesus Christ" To thee I turn, my Jesus Christ can be heard, as Pilgrims are seen approaching from the Wartburg, and the shepherd stops playing.

At that moment the sound of hunting-horns can be heard, drawing ever nearer. The Landgrave's hunting party appears.

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Do I see right? They question him about his recent whereabouts, to which he gives vague answers. O might of heaven, is it you that wakes me with that sweet name?

The rest of the hunting party gathers, blowing horns. Introduction — Scene 1. At first, seemingly confused, she questions him about where he has been, which he avoids answering. She then greets him joyfully "Ich preise dieses Wunder aus meines Herzens Tiefe! The Landgrave enters, and he and Elizabeth embrace.

Elizabeth and the Landgrave watch the guests arrive. The knights place their names in a cup from which Elizabeth draws the first singer, Wolfram. There is consternation, and once again Elizabeth appears confused, torn between rapture and anxiety. Biterolf accuses him of blasphemy and speaks of "Frauenehr und hohe Tugend" women's virtue and honour.

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There is general horror as it is realised he has been in the Venusberg; the women, apart from Elizabeth, flee. Only Elizabeth, shielding him with her body, saves him, "Haltet ein! She states that God's will is that a sinner shall achieve salvation through atonement. He promises to seek atonement, the Landgrave exiles him and orders him to join another younger band of pilgrims then assembling. All depart, crying Nach Rom!

In the "Paris" version, the song contest is somewhat shortened, possibly because of the lack of suitable soloists for the Paris production. Elizabeth is kneeling, praying before the Virgin as Wolfram comes down the path and notices her. Elizabeth rises and she and Wolfram listen to the hymn, watching the pilgrims approach and pass by. On rising she sees Wolfram but motions him not to speak.

Another witness Kara Longshaw said: Thoughts and prayers go out to her family. Katie Harrison, also said: Thoughts are with the girls heartbroken family. Cannot imagine what the family are going through. Karen Sell who was leaving the beach at the time, said: A man was giving the girl CPR for quite a while before they took her hospital.

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  8. On Wednesday we had 6, people down there and everything was fine and then for this to happen to a little girl is unbelievable. The force said in a statement on its website: The beach is understood to have been very busy at the time as people enjoyed temperatures of above 20C. The incident comes days after thousands of people descended on the beach to take part in filming for Danny Boyle's new film. It also comes two years after seven-year-old Summer Grant died when a bouncy castle she was playing in was swept off the ground by a gust of wind in Harlow, Essex.

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