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In , near Charleston, Charles Hendricks dies in a carriage accident. Hendricks is survived by his daughter Willow, and his estranged brother, Ben. However, there is another part of the Hendricks legacy to oversee; it is the secret tie that binds them together. The Livingston Plantation is a safe haven for those who seek refuge from the atrocities of slavery.

When the mysterious Silas Anderson purchases the property next door tensions rise, especially between Willow and her long time suitor. A Guardian of Slaves written by Naomi Finley wrenches the heart with emotion. These two writing devices create inspirational characters within a realistic story. The narrative is written in first person, however, the point of view changes from character to character.

I really enjoyed this technique of writing, it gave an in depth panoramic view by revealing the thoughts and intentions of different characters.

Hamfist Over The Trail

The plot is not forced, nor does it become stagnant, with a few surprising turn of events, it unfolds with delicate precision. The issue of slavery takes center stage, held within the man versus man conflict lay witless traditions, confused loyalties, and the horrendous acts against humanity.

However, harboring underneath this divergence is a story of love and devotion, proving, whether evil or good, the intentions of heart make all the difference. In a group of religious scholars is commissioned by the Church of England and the King to translate a new version of the Bible.

Reverend Richard Kemp is honored to be a part of such an important task. However, Richard is asked to do more than just translate, he is asked to spy on his once dear friend, Ben Kemp. Ben Kemp is known as a Separatist, thus deemed a traitor to the Church and England. As Richard searches for truth within the holy text, he discovers the hidden truth within his own heart.

Samantha Grosser pens a historical, yet fictitious story behind the translation of The King James version of the Bible. The King James Men is a story of devotion and loyalty. The theme weaved throughout the text is the privilege and the divine blessing of genuine friendship. The conflict emerges when this sacred friendship is weathered by storms of diversity and differing perspectives of life. The two main characters friendship has been fiercely forged over time.

As the narrative unfolds their polarized beliefs hone and shape their respective characteristics. However, it is the buffering and influence of the antagonist that proves their self-worth and integrity. Intermingled between the beautiful descriptions is an in-depth understanding of history. Including the original language of scripture authenticated the time period. Griffeth is book two in the continuing saga of Sam Moses. Sam Moses wants to leave behind his past of being a hired gun and become Samuel Cardiff the rancher, and family man.

However, Sam has much to learn. As the relationship between Sam and Laura blossoms into love, he becomes increasingly devoted to her and her children. He must decide between two promises — avenging the life of one man or loyalty to another. Samuel Cardiff knows the only way to become the man worthy of Laura and her family is to put to rest the life of Sam Moses once and for all.

Kwen D.

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The narrative is intensely descriptive and enriched with historical information depicting the hardships of life after the Civil War. The characterization is written decisively, every character enters and exits in precise moments and plays a vital role in the development of the story. The hero is an honorable, man of his word, a straightforward likable guy.

Yet, he is internally conflicted by his dark past, struggling with the man he once was and the man he wants to be. As the story unfolds, hidden truth, turmoil, and desires of the heart are revealed giving depth to his evolving character. But it is not, your heart becomes intertwined with the quest of a life, devoted to honoring a promise. Michael Tiernan is a burnt out Bostonian lawyer obsessed with his Irish ancestry. Inside the package are two envelopes. Out of curiosity, Michael opens the first letter and begins to read.

The letter is from an Irish gentleman named Aedan Burns.

See a Problem?

Burns knows a great deal about Michael, which is both intimidating and intriguing. Michael immediately sends an email reply to the mysterious Aedan Burns. There is a puzzle that can only be solved by the two of them working together. Opening the second letter, Michael realized his life is about to be changed forever. The game is afoot, a game of cat and mouse! Richard T. The narrative has a unique blend of eloquent, thought provoking and amusing one liners.

The plot is perplexing, humorous and challenging. Reality mixed with surrealistic situations. The past, at times, overwhelms the present. The plot is a swinging door of ins and outs, one moment you are in the know, the next you are shaking your head in bewilderment. If he was going to escape, it has to be now. Memnon has been a slave for as long as he can remember.

At 14 years old he is ready to risk his life to get off the Theran ship. Forty of the galley slaves, including his brother flee and join the Achian army led by the infamous Telemon. After the battle, Memnon and his brother Menas venture out to make their claim on the world.

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Utilizing power and manipulation, Menas becomes ruler of Sparta, and Memon rules Mycenae. Meanwhile, Orfeo and Clarice govern Pylos, raising their son Kleon who is kind and intelligent. Kleon and Orton are eager to learn and challenge each other in training and education. Little did the young cousins realize that they were being groomed for the battle of the ages. Although the beauty of a young woman plays a part in this epic historical tale, it is greed and ambition that propel the plot. The theme of the younger teaching and leading the older is portrayed on both sides of the conflict.

The villain, Memnon, is ruthless; he spends his life trying to outrun his rage, and persuades his older brother, Menas, to join in his evil escapades. The older heroic characters of Telemon and Orfeo raise their sons, Orton and Kleon to be wise and honorable warriors. Yet, it is Kleon that instructs and leads his older cousin. Nothing is better than ending a great story with a timeless truth.

A flight to Da Nang 2019

The Epilogue demonstrates that stories change and are embellished over time, what was once fact, easily fades into fiction. Anna Somerset is an adventuresome, outspoken, intelligent teenage girl who lives with her Loyalist uncle, John Wilton. Her slightly older friend, Daniel Garrett is a brave, yet haughty young man, who seems to gravitate to trouble, especially the violent kind. After the massacre in front of the Custom House, Anna is sent to London. During her absence, she and Daniel exchange letters.

Overtime, they realize how much they truly care for each other, but neither one shares the depth of their feelings. Anna returns to her beloved Boston on the verge of war.

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For Anna and Daniel their devotion is strong toward each other, yet, their beliefs are at an impasse. Their loyalties remain on opposite sides of the growing political unrest. Their friendship is stretched, tested to its core.

Anna is fueled by her dreams of love and peace. Daniel is fueled by his fire for freedom.

February | | G.E. Nolly

Metaphors float across the pages painting vivid scenes and portray the thoughts and intentions of the characters. Battle scenes surge with adrenaline, placing the reader in the thick of fight. History comes alive! The characterization is refined and balanced, creating a fluid plot progression. The main characters are bold and intelligent.