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I had to grow up really fast. Losing my father and growing up in a tough city like Chicago, I can't express enough how hard that was. Lemon said he never made it to a Bulls game until his college years, but he idolized Derrick Rose, another South Side native who is roughly four years older. After I seen him dunking on everybody just going crazy, I was like, 'I want to be just like that guy. For me, that was like Kobe watching Jordan.

Why Do I Hate L.A.?

I was watching how he moved, how he carried himself, how he went about everyday life and how he goes about the game. The 6-foot-3 Lemon said he was a scoring guard as a kid and faced a tough transition learning to become a true point guard in college. He did everything well at Windy City this season, averaging Lemon actually started the year as a Boston Celtics two-way player, but was released early in the season. Windy City was desperate for point guard help after losing Tyler Ulis to an injury, traded for Lemon's rights and went from a start to the playoffs.

Competes, competed in practice today and is not scared. Bulls sign Windy City star Lemon to help fill out roster. Mike McGraw.

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Scouting report Bulls vs. Toronto Raptors, 7 p. SF Kawhi Leonard PF Pascal Siakam is the second-leading scorer When the Bulls lost in Toronto Tuesday, none of the Raptors' starters played more than 22 minutes and the leading scorer was backup SF Norman Powell with Next: New York Knicks, p. Related Coverage. Related Article Who are these guys? Get to know Chicago Bulls' depleted lineup. Related Article Bulls lose to Knicks while Lopez nearly sets career-high.

Related Article Harrison getting chance to shine in depleted Chicago Bulls lineup. Related Article Bulls happy to see Hoiberg land new job in Nebraska. Related Article Lemon makes quality debut as Bulls lose to Raptors. Related Article Bulls' Markkanen says he feels fine, isn't worried about his health. Related Article Markkanen stays behind after fatigue issues. Related Article Bulls go in shut-down mode, lose big to Blazers. The facts are screwed from the get go. I you compare a city with 20people with 6 crimes being committed of course is it going to be the worse, then a city with 30people with the same number of crimes.

What you should be comparing is the nature of crimes.

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This article s a crock of you know what, nothing even mentioning Pittsburg. But that is not ANY location in Corry. As for crime , are you taking petty crime? Yep, the great W-B area is pretty bad now. A Dodge City. Thanks to all the peeps coming in from god knows where. Unbelievable what a pit it has become thanks to the all the disrespectful outsiders coming in thinking they found a place to litter,loot and commit all their crime.

It is going to take many more years to fix the problems that are at hand already, Heyna!!! Additionally, where boundaries are drawn matters significantly. In central PA, many towns are nestled in valleys between mountain ridges that lack development opportunities and hinder travel, making them densely-packed islands without the ability to access opportunities in adjacent resources. Yet, this community would be rated higher than one in the rolling foothills with well-planned parkland and ample infrastructure that would residents travel twice as far in half the time, allowing them to choose between hanging out at their local walmart on Friday nights or the one in the next town over….

You are trying to compare apples and oranges. I live in the Rhone section of Nanticoke, and have for several years now. We still get together in the winter and help each other shovel snow, sit on the porch and have a chat with a neighbor, and wave a friendly hello when you see folk on the street. How about a picnic at the park with your neighbors, where the kids can play together in the fresh air gasp!

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I would rather live here where I can take my dog for a walk around the block at 2 am if I want without having to worry about being mugged, thanks. I grew up in Corry and go back anytime I can. How dumb can you get? The street notations on the roadway are from Google maps images. I use to have to travel to Corry as I had an account there, it is as bad as they say. News Flash- We have things called airplanes and airports, you can be just about anywhere in the U. S in hours, and actually get back.

There is a huge awesome country out there with lots of great places to visit or live at.

Crime rates are skewed in places with a large amount of commercial development. That is the case for Dickson City. It does not have a large population, but it does have a great deal of commercial development. When the crimes are divided by the residents, it appears to have a high rate. However, most of that crime is probably in the shopping centers, etc. So, in the PA version of this list, population density is a good thing. In the NJ, population density is a bad thing. Keep your story straight! Lived in Lebanon, Pa.

I lived in Philadelphia.

Growing Up White & Working Class - Britain’s Forgotten Men

I now live in Clearfield, PA. I will tell you that you are all wet with your evaluations.

Why doesn’t anyone tell you this stuff in college?

Most of the unemployment problems you cite are due to the demise of heavy industries and the governmental murder of the anthracite and soft coal mining industry. Sorry premise rejected, your urban prejudices are showing. I would personally like to scrutinize the author and this article.

Science and data used to compile this list is laughable. There appear to be no real guidelines or perspective with regards to population, size of municipality nor true fact dogging. Tamaqua alone offers all TAHS graduates two free years of continued education. That fact alone skews the education dynamic. Furthermore, Tamaqua borough is not the line qualifier for the school district, as it also takes in students from West Penn, Schuylkill, Walker and Rush Township. Those areas have larger lot sizes and represent contributing incomes, quality of life and community sponsorship.

I find this article to be vastly weakened by the comment science and data used. I also regret losing the 20 mins. In reading and replying, as I will never recoup those. Shame, shame. It was an issue when I was growing up, and now, this is the result after multiple generations. For god sake, let it go. Grow, dammit! I left 30 years ago for better opportunities and found them. Not sure why people are afraid to try something new or find better places to exist. Can I ask where you live? Interested in leaving PA and wherever you are talking about sounds great. Interesting, but woefully incomplete.

It is nice to see the Pittsburgh area fares well, but there are many municipalities missing particularly in the suburbs, like Allison Park, McCandless, Richland, Pine, etc.

Are we to assume that they are good, bad, or somewhere in the middle? Try again. I would put Centralia at the top of the list! Almost literally hell on earth! I live in the Parsons section of Wilkes-Barre, and I totally disagree with this list. Wilkes-Barre at number four? It should be at number one or two. One size fits all I guess. Yeah well you take a bunch of these coal mining towns and people with low incomes and then you see people like Hillary Clinton wanting to give socialism a new try where do you think all these new state prisons are located in the old dilapidated towns.

Johnstown should be 1.