Guide Ecco la mia famiglia! (Piccoli e grandi/Manuali) (Italian Edition)

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On the wave of this success, the founders have studied this new and interesting product that wants to bring children closer to the concept of digital money and savings. Issues that will surely have their importance in adult life, but that need a solid foundation to be adequately understood, in order to create adults and conscious consumers.

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are rapidly becoming some of the most real elements of financial literacy in the 21st century. Primo Toys was therefore concerned that many parents have very few resources and knowledge to teach their children these subjects. The goal is therefore to bring all the abstraction of cryptocurrency in the real world, in the daily play of children. The product is suitable for children ages 6 and up, but I'm too curious to try it and I have already moved forward, financing the project on Kickstarter.

I would say affordable for a definitely innovative product and the wide possibilities of use. Riceverete anche una lettera personalizzata scritta di pugno proprio da Santa Claus in persona. Personalmente, quando ho iniziato un anno fa, dubitavo che mio figlio rispettasse la regola e invece, sono rimasto piacevolmente stupito. E qui bisogna lavorare di fantasia, per trovare almeno 24 posti diversi e divertenti in giro per la casa… Potete anche fargli combinare delle piccole marachelle o qualsiasi altra cosa che la fantasia vi possa suggerire.

Alcuni, ogni tanto, gli fanno anche portare un piccolo regalino. Vi chiederete: ma dove trovo tutto? Altrimenti potete rivolgervi alla grande distribuzione online cfr. Nello shop ufficiale, ma anche altrove, troviamo il cane San Bernardo, la renna, i vestitini e una serie infinita di accessori per abbellire e rendere unica la storia. Sia chiaro, non sono indispensabili e, secondo me, anche poco utili. Se volete qualche spunto, vi lascio alcune foto delle location frequentate lo scorso anno dal nostro Tinsel in giro per la casa!

Ci sono anche diversi canali Instagram dedicati da seguire se volete dei suggerimenti carini e simpatici. Io lo trovo semplicemente assurdo. Concludo sperando di avervi incuriosito e fatto conoscere qualcosa di nuovo. Buon Natale! The story impressed me immediately and I had the opportunity to try it in the family already last December. My wife and, in particular, my son Federico liked It so much that today I decided to tell you so that, maybe, you can find it useful to make your children happy.

So there's really no time to waste: I have to tell you everything and I have to do it quickly so you have time to get organized. So I think every parent has to make a commitment to make the Christmas season magical. The legend of The Elf on the Shelf was born in from the happy and fortunate intuition of an American mother Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell , in front of a cup of tea.

Basically, they decided to write this book - today the fulcrum of the story - that tells the story of the Christmas elves, also known to be the official helpers of the bearded Nordic man. The story tells how, every year, the first day of December originally, for the Americans, the day of Thanksgiving at the end of November , an elf arrives at home and will stay with the children for the whole month. Having done this and registered free of charge the name, you will receive the official certificate that binds the elf to your family.

You will also receive a personalized letter written by Santa.

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At this point, as we said, the first day of December but you are free to start the magic when you want , the elf will appear in your house. As for me, last year, a few days before, I had already told my son that maybe he would have arrived and how this thing worked. The arrival of the elf, in fact, must be preceded by the necessary indications to be given to the child. But the peculiarity lies in the fact that it will not be able to touch it.

Evi Crotti

In fact, in this case, the magic of Christmas will disappear and the elf will never be able to return to the North Pole every night. The elf will stay in the house all day and record - silently, because he does not speak, but only hears - everything that happens and whether the child was good or a bit rascal.

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Every night he will come back flying fast, thanks to the magic of Christmas at the North Pole where he will tell everything to Santa. At the end of the Christmas season, on Christmas eve, with the arrival of Santa Claus, will disappear and will return only one year later.

On that last day, December 24th, therefore, and only on this day, the child will have the opportunity to touch and cuddle him. Personally, when I started a year ago, I doubted that my son would have respected the rules and instead, I was pleasantly surprised. He has always respected it and has never tried to touch him!

Every night, the job of mom and dad is to find a new place to let find him in the next morning. And here you have to work with imagination, to find at least 24 different and fun places around the house You can also make him combine little pranks or anything else that fantasy can suggest you. Somebody, sometimes, also make him bring a small gift. In support of this, there is the book, in English, full of great and pleasant illustrations that tells the story to the child and that is very pleasant to read before going to bed. We read it all over the year, waiting for our dear Tinsel to return.

You will ask: but where do I find everything? So, if you are good with cutting and sewing you can build your elf directly. Otherwise, you can ask to the large online distribution see link above or look for a little toy store now increasingly rare, but often they provide that assistance, courtesy and passion, now unavailable in other realities.

Clearly, in support, a whole series of accessories has been developed for our elf, the result of a skilful marketing maneuver. In the official shop, but also on other shops, we can find the Saint Bernard dog, the reindeer, the clothes and an endless series of accessories to beautify and make the story unique. To be clear, they are not indispensable and, in my opinion, also not very useful. The story is simple and beautiful already like this! The only accessory that I thought to add to make everything more magical is a small door that you can make yourself if you're good with DIY or, as I did, buy on the Internet.

I placed it on the front door a week before December 1st to announce the arrival of Tinsel. The day of his arrival then, you can spread a little quantity of fake snow in front of the entrance flour or sugar will be fine and, with a finger, leave the footprints of the Elf that passed from there, coming from the North Pole Another improvement that you can make is to put a piece of iron a bit rigid, but malleable, inside the structure of the Elf, so as to be able to take the most daring positions around the house in this regard, there are numerous tutorials on YouTube and you have to be just a bit skillful with needle and thread to achieve all.

As you will have understood, this story opens up a world of possibilities that you can easily accomplish with a bit of imagination.

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  • If you want some ideas, I leave you some photos of the locations frequented last year by our Tinsel around home! There are also several dedicated Instagram channels to follow if you want nice and cute suggestions. Surely it was a great find grinds money for the authors of the book; In USA, distinguished psychologists and pedagogues have done their utmost to give even negative interpretations to this story, to the fact that the child is "spied" and even bringing into play the NSA I find it simply absurd.

    If we can let our children's imagination fly, why not do it. I conclude hoping to have you intrigued and made known something new.

    Sorry we still under construction!

    You have all the time to make it possible before this Christmas. Merry Christmas! Se ti va bene, vai in pensione dopo decine di anni di onorato servizio, ma ti dovrai dedicare quantomeno a delle consulenze. Tuttavia, fatta questa piccola premessa, genitori non si nasce. Si diventa. Esce sei volte l'anno in formato digitale e cartaceo. Su UPPA scrivono pediatri, ostetriche, psicologi, pedagogisti e altri professionisti del mondo dei bambini. I numeri che ricevo spesso si accumulano, ma prima o poi cerco di trovare sempre il tempo di leggerli.

    Insomma, io ve la consiglio! That the job of the parent is the most difficult in the world?