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If so, deleting the app is the way to go. Wine improves with age I improve with wine. To me it was blatantly obvious from the start that it was going to be used to harvest and distribute information to anyone who paid for it, and that the 'privacy' settings were farcical. I've never used it, never will, and I detest the fact that so many companies almost force you to use it or Twatter to communicate with them. Social media I am amazed that so many seemingly worldly and intelligent people use it. One thing you can say for the French, when civilization falls they have less far to fall than everyone else.

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My iPhone has Safari, but I've also added Firefox. Most "apps" are specific in collecting data from their associated site, but the same can be achieved via a browser with a little more effort.

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  • ArseBook a new anti-social networking site.

The fact that deleting the app will prevent ongoing privacy infringements isn't the issue. It's more that to do with the fact that the vast bulk of the users aren't aware or do not care that details of all their phone calls are being collected by a third party without any form of legal approval.

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Small step from collecting details of calls to collecting their content. Powerful compression algorithms are readily available to capture and upload contents of phone calls without the user even being aware. No longer need a warrant for wire-tapping. Just access it through F'arsebook. The fact that an individual doesn't use the "app" doesn't mean people they call aren't.

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However most will still receive GPS. I find this very useful on long car journeys, as it means my free app gps router works perfectly, and without ads, and I can't be distracted whilst driving by phone calls - or those bloody annoying texts which tell you you have a new phone provider. Threat Intel | CheckPhish

Other tips would be to never, ever, have anyone in your contacts list for email just hit reply to their last, and keep your inbox tidy , and never ever grant an app permission to use your phone contacts list. The main vector for malicious apps is to steal your contacts lists. Doesn't help you but you will be doing your friends a favour.

Gosh, I said A dedicated satnav is a better satnav than a phone with the function. Perfectly true, but it's a case of VFM. A dedicated Satnav costs anything from GBP 50 - They come with "maps for life" nowadays. Maps for life means for the expected sales life of the unit - maybe a couple of years. Many of you social networkers will realize it looks strikingly similar to Facebook , except its red and has a different tag line: Arsebook is an anti-social utility that connects you with the people YOU HATE.

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T Osser. Game on. You sir, are an idiot. Recent Posts What sorts of technical challenges would you expect to encounter building a Blockchain marketplace? Most Popular Posts Tell me when you made a judgment call since you didn't have any data Which Amazon leadership principle do you resonate most with?

If your direct manager was instructing you to do something you disagreed with, how would you handle it?