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I could blame it on men, or I could blame it on my childhood, on something that happened.

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I had to practice saying what I felt when I felt it and even if it was stupid, just letting it go. You think so? I never thought they would blend together, but I wanted to do something weird because the songs were structured in a weird way.

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  8. I needed them to sound epic. Ben and I would talk about how certain instruments, played a certain way, could create a Scott Walker-esque vibe—it would be tense, and like a beehive.

    Angel, a song by The Weeknd on Spotify

    He comes from an old-school classical music family, but he went into a more avant-garde world. I was missing that in my life. My birthday is January 22, and when I was a kid, my parents would take me to the symphony to see The Nutcracker. I liked listening and singing and writing when I was really small, and I would go home and make these tapes, recording in different places around the house to get different sonics and training my voice to sing a certain way. I must have been 9 or It would have been a day I went to the symphony. It sounds like a dub song at first.

    I was surprised it ended up on the record; it was the last song added to the solo version. That stuff is beautiful and meaningful if both parties are giving to the situation. Some people truly are just fucking human vacuums.

    Angel Song Lyrics

    In the beginning, I was thinking about my friend who just had a baby. Look at your life now.

    It ended up nothing like I would have imagined: He turned it into this weird Westworld version of the song. He somehow made strings seem like arrows and gunfire. The same goes for anyone else who can be articulate and describe things, and be helpful in ways.

    Everybody has their secret thing they need to work on. A lot of my issue with this recent change in my life is just stomaching the fact that people are going to assume so many things, even people who are very close to me. I just have to get over that.

    Sarah McLachlan - In the arms of an angel

    It still makes me angry, though. Then I bought a house, and I did all these things that I never thought I could do without this person.

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    I felt like I was a child. I have anxiety around that from my parents, after growing up with my mom crying on the phone about bill collectors. I actually feel nice spreading out in my bed and not worrying about someone waking up next to me and saying something dumb. There was this freedom that I never had, and I was always searching for it. I always felt like I needed to be alone even when I loved people. So much. And you realize, I needed all this stuff to happen in order to appreciate my life more. When I wrote that first song, on Strange Cacti , I was a ripely , year-old person.

    The Best Songs With Angel in the Title

    I was intrigued by your singing, which goes back and forth between sounding very calm and then more charged. You know pretty quickly who you are to people. In the end, what really matters to me is being understood and being surrounded by good people. As I get older, I have weeded out so many people in my life who are still figuring themselves out. I would rather be around people who have my language, most of the time.

    It takes a minute to get there.

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    And that can change the way that you love somebody. You might not even remember who starred in this film. It does little to serve as a time capsule for the strange times we're living in. But for Charlie's Angels , a franchise that is about sisterhood as much as it's about womanhood, there's very little of that here. Lana, Ariana, and Miley spend most of the video in scenes by themselves before joining each other before a stacked dinner table. Lana Del Rey is the underrated star of the video even next to two former child stars , because her scenes are the only ones with a semblance of a plot.

    The song also feels disjointed. Ariana's parts have the most promise, while Miley's verse feels like she's cosplaying a version of pop she outgrew. By the time we get to Lana's closer, it doesn't even feel like we're in the same song.

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    The women, wearing all-black angel wings, seem to be subverting the sexist subtext of calling women "angel. She's privy to the "male-bashing" complaints about The Writing's on the Wall , along with the jokes comparing the group's disappearing members to Survivor , a reality show that votes members off an island. The show, which premiered a year before the group's third album, is partially the reason why the newly three-member group named their album Survivor. I," which precedes the titular track and "Bootylicious," dripped with the same assertiveness Destiny's Child fans were used to, but the delivery was different.